Package: Lecroy_Waverunner_2_Series_1_Year_IEEE_5800-R1.mcz
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Lecroy LT262 Waverunner2 (1 Yr):IEEE/5800-3ch :1.00

Lecroy LT264/M/L Waverunner2 (1 Yr):IEEE/5800-5ch :1.00

Lecroy LT354/M/L Waverunner2 (1 Yr):IEEE/5800-5ch :1.00

Lecroy LT372 Waverunner2 (1 Yr):IEEE/5800-3ch :1.00

Lecroy LT374/M/L Waverunner2 (1 Yr):IEEE/5800-5ch :1.00

Date: 2001-09-06

Revision: 1

Automated Reference: Fluke 5800A

Procedure ID No: 001254M001

Models covered: LT264 LT354 LT374

Source: Lecroy Digital Waverunner 2

Service Manual

January 2001

Rev A

Source Author: N/K

Compatibility: MET/CAL 6.10 or later


Sub Waverunner 2 (1 yr) Leakage Current IEEE : 1.00

Sub Waverunner 2 (1 yr) Input Noise IEEE : 1.00

Sub Fluke 5800-5 Channel Selection: 1.00

Sub Waverunner 2 (1 yr) Impedance IEEE/5800 : 1.00

Sub UUT Four Channel Select/: 1.00

Sub Waverunner 2 (1 yr) DC Accuracy IEEE/5800 :1.00

Sub Waverunner 2 (1 yr) Bandwidth IEEE /5800 : 1.00

Sub Lecroy LT Series (1 yr) Risetime IEEE /5800 : 1.00

Sub Waverunner 2 (1 yr) Trig Level IEEE/5800 : 1.00

Sub Waverunner 2 (1 yr) Smart Trig IEEE/5800 : 1.00

Sub Waverunner 2 (1 yr) Timebase IEEE /5800 : 1.00

Required Files:


Additional equipment Required:

One Digital Multimeter : Accuracy 0.1 %

The Procedure was tested using:

LECROY Waverunner2 LT374L

Serial Number: LT37400158

Soft Version : LT374L 08.9.0

Soft Options : DFP JTA PMT WAVA

Hard Options : CPUP VGAC GPIB R232 CLBZ


The average run time during testing was 50 minutes.

Procedure history:

22-08-01: First release as 5800 procedure by MSD,

Fluke Norwich

The procedure is intended for use with Met/Cal(r) calibration software,

and the terms and conditions set forth in your METCAL license apply to

this procedure.

Due to our policy of continuously up dating our products, this procedure

may contain minor differences in specification to those found in the manual

or other documentation. While every effort has been made to ensure that

this procedure is accurate, Fluke cannot be held responsible for the

consequences of error or omissions found within this procedure.

The copyright in this procedure is owned by Fluke Precision Measurement




This register specifies which channel of the oscilloscope

is currently being tested.

M[100] = 1 means Channel 1

M[100] = 2 means Channel 2

M[100] = 3 means Channel 3

M[100] = 4 means Channel 4


This register specifies which LT Series Model

is currently is being tested.


This register specifies the Bandwidth of LT Series Model

being tested.


This register specifies the number of channels

LT Series Model has.