Package: amprobe_adf200_1yr_ver_5520_10t_coil.mcz
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Amprobe ADF-200: (1 Year) CAL VER /5520,10TCOIL

Date: 2007-05-03 09:57:31

Revision: 1.1

Automated Reference: Fluke 5520A

Manual Reference: 10-Turn Toroid

Model(s) Covered:

Amprobe ADF-200


5500/CAL or MET/CAL 7.20 or later

Required Files:

The Tolerance and Floor entries must be updated in the following Modes

of the 5520A 90 day and/or 1 year accuracy files to reflect combined

specification of the 5520A and actual 10-Turn Toroid Coil Used:

Mode: Amps T10

# DC Current w/10-turn Toroid

# NOMINAL MOD1 Tol. Floor Res.

# ----------------------- --------------- ----- ------- -----

# Auxiliary Output, Autorange

-3.29999E-3 3.29999E-3 NA NA NA NA 0.01E-6

-32.9999E-3 32.9999E-3 NA NA NA NA 0.1E-6

-329.999E-3 329.999E-3 NA NA NA NA 1E-6

-3299.99E-3 3299.99E-3 NA NA NA NA 10E-6

-29.9999 29.9999 NA NA NA NA 100E-6

Mode: Amps HC T10

# 20A Output

-205.000 205.000 NA NA NA NA 1E-3

# AC Current (Sine) w/10-turn Toroid

# NOMINAL MOD1 Tol. Floor Res.

# ----------------------- --------------- ----- ------- -----

Mode: Amps SI T10 LCOMP

# Auxiliary Output, LCOMP ON

0.2900E-3 3.2999E-3 10 1E3 NA NA 100E-9

3.3000E-3 32.9999E-3 10 1E3 NA NA 100E-9

33.000E-3 329.999E-3 10 1E3 NA NA 1E-6

0.33000 3.29999 10 1E3 NA NA 10E-6

3.3000 29.9999 10 440 NA NA 100E-6

Mode: Amps SI HC T10 LCOMP

# 20A Output, LCOMP ON

30.000 205.000 45 100 NA NA 1E-3

30.000 205.000 100 440 NA NA 1E-3

Additional Equipment Required:

10-Turn Toroid Coil (See Figure 6. "Toroid Coil Construction"

in document listed below.


80i-110s AC/DC Current Probe

Instruction Sheet

4822 872 30777, October 2005

Additional Equipment Required:

- Two (2) Pomona 3834 pin tip plug to banana couplers. (optional)

The average run time during testing was 8 minutes (MU mode).

The average run time during testing was 5 minutes (TAR mode).