Package: fluke_435_adj_rs232_6105a.mcz
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Fluke 435: CAL ADJ RS-232 /6105A

Date: 2010-11-08 08:05:22

Revision: 1.1

Automated Reference: Fluke 6105A

Models covered:



Fluke 433, 434, 435 Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer

Service Manual, Part No. 4822 872 05396, November 2006;

Service Alert SA-1998, dated Aug 8, 2007.


MET/CAL 7.3 or later

Required Equipment:

Adapter, dual banana jack to BNC(m), Fluke PM 9082/001

Adapter, dual BNC(f) to BNC(m), Fluke PM 9093/001, 3 ea.

Test leads, stackable, 24", 4 ea.

Termination, feedthrough, 50 Ohm, Fluke PM 9585, 4 ea.

Cable, 50 Ohm, BNC(m)-(m), Pomona 2249-C-18, 3 ea.

Battery Charger/Power adapter, BC430

FLUKE OC4USB Optical Cable for USB

or Fluke PM9080 Optically Isolated RS-232 cable

The average run time during testing was 9 minutes.