Package: fluke_525a_1yr_ver_rs232_5520_8508_8508prt.mcz
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Fluke 525A: (1 yr) CAL VER RS-232 /5520,8508,8508A-PRT

Date: 2012-11-15 10:11:53

Revision: 1.2

Automated Reference: Fluke 5520A

Automated Reference: Fluke 8508A

Manual Reference: Fluke 8508A-PRT

Model(s) Covered:

Fluke 525A

This procedure contains the following tests whose Test Uncertainty Ratio

are less than 4:1 (8 out of 52 total tests).


- 100 mA Range, 25 mA: TUR 2.34

- 100 mA Range, 75 mA: TUR 2.28

- 100 mA Range, 100 mA: TUR 2.26


- 400 Ohm Range, 100 Ohms: TUR 3.21

- 400 Ohm Range, 200 Ohms: TUR 3.21

- 400 Ohm Range, 300 Ohms: TUR 3.83

- 4000 Ohm Range, 2000 Ohms: TUR 3.21

- 4000 Ohm Range, 3000 Ohms: TUR 3.83


Fluke 525A Users (CD), Part No. 1601552, 8/2001,

Rev. 2, 4/2002, Manual Supplement 1, 8/02


MET/CAL 7.3.38 or later

Required Files:



Additional Equipment:

DB9 serial communication (null modem) cable, Fluke

Part No. 946470 or equivalent

Fluke 8508A Lead Kit, Part No. 1886203

Fluke 8508A-PRT Platinum Resistance Thermometer

or equivalent

Characterized Type "J" Thermocouple, Omega JMTSS-125-G

or equivalent

Fabricated male double-banana (Pomona # 4892-0) to

uncompensated (Omega HGMP-U-M) TC mini-connector

cable assembly

High Quality 4W Short

Dewar flask with cap

The average run time during testing was 36 minutes.