Package: fluke_54_ii_1yr_ver_5520.mcz
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Fluke 54 II: (1 year) CAL VER /5520

Date: 2012-11-29 15:19:56

Revision: 2.2

Automated Reference: Fluke 5520A

Models Covered:

54 Series II

This procedure contains tests whose Test Uncertainty Ratios are less

than 4:1, based on 5520A 1 year specifications.

0 °C; TUR 1.8750

23 °C; TUR 2.5958

-190 °C; TUR 2.7200

1200 °C; TUR 3.3333


51, 52, 53, 54, Series II Thermometer Service Manual

PN 1276123 October 1999

Source Author:



MET/CAL or 5500/CAL 7.20 SP1 (7.20x) or later


Sub Display Copyright

Sub Select Failed Test Mode

Sub Select Guardbanding & Ver Method (No NTHROW)

Sub Fluke 54 II Display Test

Sub Fluke 50 Series II Keypad Test

Sub Fluke 50 Series II (1 yr) Temperature CAL VER /5520

Sub Fluke 53,54 II IR Communication Port Test

Additional Equipment Required:

Type K extension cable (1)

IR Interface Adapter, Fluke 53,54 only (2)

IR Cable Adapter Connector, Fluke 53,54 only (2)

1. Included in 5500A/LEADS, Lead Set

2. Only necessary if IR Communication Port is tested.

Included in MET/CAL-SERIAL, Closed Loop Procedure

Serial Connectivity Kit.