Package: hp_8566b_1yr_ver_8340_3335_3325_6680_e4418.mcz
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HP 8566B: (1 yr) CAL VER /8340,3335,3325,6680,4418

Date: 2006-01-16 09:29:07

Revision: 1.3

Automated Reference: Agilent E4418B

Automated Reference: HP 3325B

Automated Reference: HP 3335A

Automated Reference: HP 8340

Automated Reference: HP 8482A

Automated Reference: HP 8485A

Automated Reference: Philips PM 6680

Manual Reference: Agilent 11667B

Manual Reference: House Frequency Standard

Model(s) Covered:

HP 8566B


This procedure is based on tests performed in U.S.A.F. Technical

Manual, T.O. 33K3-4-269-1, dated 30 November 2002


MET/CAL 7.10 or later

Additional Equipment Required:

HP/Agilent 8482A Power Sensor

HP/Agilent 8485A Power Sensor

Power Splitter, 50 Ohms, 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz, APC 3.5, HP/Agilent

11667B or equivalent

Cable, low-loss, APC 3.5 mm (m)-(m), HP/Agilent part number

8120-4921 or equivalent

Termination, Type "N" (m), 50 Ohms, DC-26.5 GHz

Cable, coaxial, 12", 50 Ohms, BNC (m)-(m)

Cable, coaxial, 24", 50 Ohms, BNC (m)-(m)

Cable, coaxial, 36", 50 Ohms, BNC (m)-(m)

Adapter, APC 3.5 mm (f) to APC 3.5 mm (f)

Adapter, APC 3.5 mm (m) to Type "N" (m)

Adapter, BNC (m) to Type "N" (f)

Adapter, APC 3.5 mm (f) to Type "N" (m), supplied with HP/Agilent

8485A Power Sensor

The average run times during testing were:

1 hour, 22 minutes (TUR mode)

2 hours, 31 minutes (measurement uncertainty mode)