Package: hp_8648d_2yr_ver_8902_8903_8560_lo_lfctr_hfctr.mcz
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AT 8648D: (2 yr) VER /8902S,8903,8560,LO,LFCTR,HFCTR

HP 8648D: (2 yr) VER /8902S,8903,8560,LO,LFCTR,HFCTR

Date: 2011-10-13 13:54:20

Revision: 2

Automated Reference: High Freq Counter

Automated Reference: High Frequency Counter

Automated Reference: HP 8560

Automated Reference: HP 8902A

Automated Reference: HP 8903B

Automated Reference: Local Oscillator

Automated Reference: Low Freq Counter

Automated Reference: Low Frequency Counter

Manual Reference: HP 11722A

Manual Reference: HP 11792A

Model(s) Covered:



HP 8648A/B/C/D Operation and Service Guide, Part No. 08648-90048,

April 1999


MET/CAL 7.20 SP1 (7.20x) or later

Flexible Standard(s) Required:

Local Oscillator (LO):

Frequency Range: 11.5 MHz to 2500 MHz, CW

Accuracy: ±0.02% (Internal); External Reference capable

Amplitude: +8 dBm

Accuracy: ±1 dB or less

Example: HP 8340B or equivalent

LF Counter (LFCTR):

Frequency Range: 500 kHz to 100 MHz

Accuracy: Based on external frequency standard

Example: Fluke PM 6690/6xx Ch A or equivalent

HF Counter (HFCTR):

Frequency Range: 500 MHz to 4 GHz

Accuracy: Based on external frequency standard

Example: Fluke PM 6690/6xx CH C or equivalent

Frequency Standard:

Frequency Range: Suitable for use with configured LF & HF counters

Accuracy: ±0.001 ppm or better

Additional Equipment Required:

HP/Agilent 11722A Sensor Module

HP/Agilent 11792A Sensor Module

HP/Agilent 11793A Microwave Converter

HP/Agilent 8903B Option 051 (CCITT Weighting filter)

HP 8340() Synthesized Sweeper

Cable assy., 12", BNC(m)-(m), 50 Ohm

Cable assy., 24", Type "N"(m)-(m), 50 Ohm

Cable assy., 36", BNC(m)-(m), 50 Ohm, 2 ea.

Cable assembly, 24", APC 3.5(f)-(f), 50 Ohm

Adapter, APC 3.5(f) to Type N (m)

Adapter, Type "N"(f) to BNC(m)

Adapter, tee, coaxial, BNC(f)-(m)-(f)

The average run times during testing were:

1 hour, 6 minutes (TUR mode)

2 hours, 31 minutes (measurement uncertainty mode)