Package: hp_8662a_1yr_ver_ieee_8902_8903_3561_8560_6680.mcz
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HP 8662A: (1 yr) VER IEEE /8902,8903,8560,3561,6681

Date: 2007-04-16 15:35:51

Revision: 1.1

Automated Reference: HP 3561A

Automated Reference: HP 8560

Automated Reference: HP 8902A

Automated Reference: HP 8903B

Automated Reference: Philips PM 6681

Manual Reference: Fluke 910

Manual Reference: HP 11722A

Model(s) Covered:

HP 8662A


HP 8662A Operating and Service Guide, Part No. 08662-90061,

February 1982


MET/CAL 7.01 SP1 or later

Additional Equipment Required:

HP/Agilent 11722A Sensor Module

HP 3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Fluke 910 Frequency Standard, GPS controlled

Oscilloscope, 100 MHz bandwidth, functional

Double Balanced Mixer, 50 Ohms, 0.2 to 500 MHz, HP 10514A or equiv.

1 MHz Low-Pass filter, 50 Ohms

Low Noise Amplifier, 50 Ohms, HP 08640-60506 or equivalent

Gain: 40 dB (± 1 dB)

Bandwidth: 1 kHz to 1 MHz; Noise Figure: < 3 dB

Cable assy., 12", BNC(m)-(m), 50 Ohm

Cable assy., 24", Type "N"(m)-(m), 50 Ohm

Cable assy., 36", BNC(m)-(m), 50 Ohm, 2 ea.

Adapter, Type "N"(f) to BNC(m)

Adapter, tee, coaxial, BNC(f)-(m)-(f)

The average run times during testing were:

43 minutes (TUR mode)

2 hours, 31 minutes (measurement uncertainty mode)