Package: rs_fsh6_1yr_ver_rs232_9640_4418_swpg.mcz
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R&S FSH6 (06): (1 year) CAL VER RS-232 /9640,4418,SWPG

Date: 2012-03-14

Revision: 1.1

Automated Reference: Agilent E4418B

Automated Reference: Agilent E4419B

Automated Reference: Fluke 9640A

Automated Reference: Fluke 9640A-50

Automated Reference: HP 8481A

Automated Reference: Sweep Generator

Model(s) Covered:

FSH6 (06)


Rohde & Schwarz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer R&S FSH Service Manual,

1145.5973.82-16, September 2010


MET/CAL 7.3 SP1 (7.3.36) and later

Flexible Standards Required:

Synthesized Sweeper (SWPG):

Frequency Range: 10 MHz to 6 GHz

Accuracy: ±0.25%

Amplitude Range: -35 dBm to +6 dB

Accuracy: NA

SSB Phase Noise:

<-70 dBc/Hz @ 50 kHz offset

Additional Equipment Required:

Power Splitter, 3 GHz to 6 GHz, 6 dB insertion loss, output

tracking: <0.25 dB, equivalent output SWR: <1.22, Agilent® 11667A

Termination, BNC (m), 50 Ohms, DC-6 GHz, Agilent 909C or equivalent

Cable, coaxial, 36", 50 Ohms, BNC (m)-(m), RG-58/U

Power Supply, AC, Rohde & Schwarz FSH-Z33

Only one of the following interface cables is required:

Optically Isolated Interface Cable (RS-232), Rohde & Schwarz FSH-Z34

Adapter Kit, Fluke Part No. 689486 or equivalent. Includes DB9(f)

to DB9(f) null modem adapter and DB9(m) to DB9(m) gender changer

Optically Isolated Interface Cable (USB), Rohde & Schwarz FSH-Z37

The average run times during testing were:

20 minutes (TAR mode)