Package: tek_dpo7054_1yr_ver_ieee_5800_5ch_tdp_lfctr.mcz
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Tek DPO 7054: (1 yr) CAL VER IEEE /5800+5Ch+TDP,LFCTR

Date: 2011-02-04 11:11:56

Revision: 1.1

Automated Reference: Fluke 5800A

Automated Reference: Low Frequency Counter

Manual Reference: Fluke 5800A/TDP

Models covered:

DPO 7054

This procedure contains the following tests whose Test Uncertainty Ratio

are less than 4:1.


50 Ohm, 1 mV/div, Positive; TUR 2.1033

50 Ohm, 1 mV/div, Negative; TUR 2.1033

50 Ohm, 2 mV/div, Positive; TUR 2.2707

50 Ohm, 2 mV/div, Negative; TUR 2.2707

50 Ohm, 5 mV/div, Positive; TUR 2.6906

50 Ohm, 5 mV/div, Negative; TUR 2.6906

50 Ohm, 10 mV/div, Positive; TUR 3.8926

50 Ohm, 10 mV/div, Negative; TUR 3.8926

50 Ohm, 50 mV/div, Positive; TUR 2.6201

50 Ohm, 50 mV/div, Negative; TUR 2.6201


DPO7000, DSA/DPO70000, and DSA/DPO7000B Series Digital Phosphor

Oscilloscopes Specification and Performance Verification

Technical Reference PN 077-0063-01


MET/CAL 7.20 SP1 (7.20x) or later

Flexible Standard(s) Required:

LF Counter (LFCTR):

Ch. A Frequency Range: 10 MHz

Accuracy: ±3.5 ppm/year or better

Example: Fluke PM6681 with PM9678B option or equivalent

Additional Equipment Required:

Cable, 50 Ohm, BNC(m)-(m), Pomona 2249-C-36

One BNC to Minigrabber adapter

One 50 Ohm, 60 inch presision coaxial cable, male-to-male

SMA connectors.

One BNC elbow connector

One SMA "T", male to two SMA female connectors

One SMA female to BNC male connector

One SMA termination connector, short circuit.

One SMA male-to-female BNC adapter

One attenuator, 10X, impedance 50 Ohm, BNC <= 2 GHz; SMA <= 18 GHz

One attenuator, 5X, impedance 50 Ohm, BNC <= 2 GHz; SMA <= 18 GHz

One 50 Ohm terminator

One power splitter, frequency range: DC to 18 GHz, tracking < 2.0%

One attenuator, 2X, impedance 50 Ohm.