Package: tek_rsa3408b_1yr_ver_ieee_9640a-lpn_lfctr_swpg.mcz
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Tek RSA3408B: (1 yr) CAL VER /9640-LPN,LFCTR,SWPG,XREF

Date: 2009-07-22

Revision: 1.2

Automated Reference: Fluke 9640A

Automated Reference: Fluke 9640A-50

Automated Reference: LF Counter

Automated Reference: Low Frequency Counter

Automated Reference: Sweep Generator

Model(s) Covered:



Tektronix RSA3408B 8 GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Performance

Verification and Specifications Manual, Part No. 077-0113-00


MET/CAL 7.20T or later

Flexible Standard(s) Required:

Synthesized Sweep Generator (SWPG):

Frequency Range: 10 MHz to 8 GHz, CW

Accuracy: ±0.02% (Internal); External Reference capable

Amplitude Range: -40 dBm to +16 dBm

Accuracy: ±1 dB or less

Resolution: 0.05 dB

SSB Phase Noise: <-80 dBc/Hz @ 50 kHz offset

Example: HP 83630B or equivalent

LF Counter (LFCTR):

Ch. A Frequency Range: 10 MHz

Accuracy: Based on external frequency standard

Example: Fluke PM 6690/6xx or equivalent

Frequency Standard:

Frequency Range: Suitable for use with configured LF counter

Accuracy: ±0.05 ppm or better

Additional Equipment Required:

Power Splitter, 500 MHz to 2 GHz, Isolation >18 dB, Insertion loss:

loss: <1 dB, Tracking: ±0.15 dB

The average run time during testing was 19 minutes. (in main only)