Package: agilent_34972_1yr_ver_visa_5700_fgen.mcz
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Agilent 34972A: (1 year) CAL VER VISA /5700,FGEN

Date: 2013-02-01 09:18:51

Revision: 1.3

Automated Reference: Fluke 5700A

Automated Reference: Function Generator

Models covered:

Agilent 34972A w/34901A 20 Channel Multiplexer module

The following test points have a Test Uncertainty Ratio (TUR) of less than

4 to 1 based 5700A 90 day specifications.

AC VOLTAGE, 10 V Range : 100 mV @ 50 kHz : TUR 3.9535

AC VOLTAGE, 10 V Range : 10 V @ 10 Hz : TUR 1.5385

OHMS 2 WIRE, 100 Ohm Range : 100 Ohms : TUR 3.7838

AC CURRENT, 1 A Range : 1 A @ 1 kHz : TUR 2.0290


MET/CAL 7.3 SP1 (7.3.36) or later

Required Equipment:

HP/Agilent 34901A 20 Channel Multiplexer module

Copper wire, insulated, ~15 cm long

Leads, Teflon®, twisted pair, shielded, 3 ea. sufficiently long to

connect UUT to source

50 Ohm BNC(m)-(m) cable, 1 set

Adapter, BNC(f) to binding posts, Pomona 1452

50 Ohm feed through terminator, 1 set

(Only for generator having the fixed 50 Ohm impedance)

The average run time during testing was:

15 minutes (Root Difference Square guardbanding method Mode (TAR))

28 minutes (Measurement Uncertainty guardbanding method Mode (MU))