Package: datron_1082_1yr_ver_ieee_4800.mcz
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Datron 1082: (1 Year) CAL VER IEEE /4800

Date: 2012-12-14 12:36:34

Revision: 1.1

Automated Reference: Datron 4800

Models covered: 1082

Source: Users Handbook

Part Number 850042

Issue 2 (Feb.1984)

Portocal II

Verify to 365 day

Datron 1081

Version 1.10

Pre Adjustment Procedure

Compatibility: MET/CAL 6.11A or later

Subprocedures: Sub Wait

Sub Datron 10xx Take Reading IEEE

Sub Datron 10xx Input Zero IEEE

Required Files: 1081back - Power Lead and IEEE Connection Bitmap

1081_dis - Cal key set to RUN Bitmap

1081term - Connections Bitmap

Additional equipment Required:

The Procedure was tested using:

Model No 1081

Serial No 14262

Options 10 20 30 40 50

The average run time during testing was 55 minutes.

The procedure is intended for use with Met/Cal(r) calibration software,

and the terms and conditions set forth in your METCAL license apply to

this procedure.

Due to our policy of continuously up dating our products, this procedure

may contain minor differences in specification to those found in the manual

or other documentation. While every effort has been made to ensure that

this procedure is accurate, Fluke cannot be held responsible for the

consequences of error or omissions found within this procedure.

The copyright in this procedure is owned by Fluke Precision Measurement


Registers Used

M[1] = Average Readings Counter (Adjustment)

M[2] = Readings to Discard (Adjustment)

M[3] = Sum of Averages (Adjustment)

M[4] = Average of Readings (Adjustment)

M[6] = First Delimited Value to Identify Option 12

M[7] = Second Delimited Value to Identify Option 12

M[10] = Number of Readings Reqd (Adjustment)

M[101] = Adjustment Retry Counter

M[102] = Invalid Measurement Counter

M[103] = Units Multiplier

M[104] = Tolerance

M[105] = Tight Tolerance % Multiplier

M[106] = Delay Time Remain Counter

M[107] = Tight Limit Calculated

M[255] = Delay Time (s)

S[2] = Range String

S[10] = DCV Function Selected

S[11] = ACV Function Selectied

S[12] = Resistance Function Selected

S[20] = DCV Function Option Fitted

S[21] = ACV Function Option Fitted

S[22] = Resistance Function Option Fitted

S[32] = Delay Time Message