Package: fluke_190-102_adj_rs232_5500_sc300.mcz
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Fluke 190-102: CAL ADJ RS-232 /5500+SC300

Date: 2012-11-07 13:27:55

Revision: 1.3

Automated Reference: Fluke 5500A

Model(s) Covered:



ScopeMeter 190 Series II

Fluke 190-062, -102, -104, -202, -204, -502 Service Manual

PN 4822 872 05405, July 2011, Rev. 2, March 2012


MET/CAL or 5500/CAL 7.3 SP1 (7.3.36) or later


Required Equipment:

Adapter, dual banana plug to BNC(f), Pomona 1269

Adapter, dual BNC(f) to BNC(m), Fluke PM 9093, 3 ea

Termination, feedthrough, BNC, 50 Ohm, Fluke PM 9585

Cable, 50 Ohm, BNC(m)-(m), Pomona 2249-C-6, 4 ea.

Cable, USB Type A (Host) to USB MINI Type B (Device)

Accessories supplied with UUT

- Power Adapter, BC190

- VPS210 Voltage Probes (200 MHz, 10:1), red, blue,

gray, and green.