Package: fluke_33_1yr_ver_5522_9100opt200.mcz
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Fluke 33: (1 year) CAL VER /5522,9100 Opt200

Date: 2012-05-01 10:57:02

Revision: 1.1

Automated Reference: Datron 9100 Opt200

Automated Reference: Fluke 5522A

Model(s) Covered:



Fluke 31/33 Instruction Manual (PN 896118 Sep. 1991).

Fluke 5500A/COIL Instruction Sheet (PN 600616 Aug. 1995)

Model 5500A/COIL, 50 Turn Current Coil, Technical Data

Source Author:



5500/CAL or MET/CAL 7.3.38 or later


Sub Display Copyright

Sub Select Failed Test Mode

Sub Select Verification Method (No NTHROW)

Sub Fluke 31,33 (1 yr) 40Arms Rng VER /5522,9100 Opt200

Sub Fluke 31,33 (1 yr) 400Arms Rng VER/5522,9100 Opt200

Sub Fluke 31,33 (1 yr) Frequency VER /5522,9100 Opt200

Sub Fluke 33 (1 yr) 40Ap Rng VER /5522,9100 Opt200

Sub Fluke 33 (1 yr) 400Ap Rng VER /5522,9100 Opt200

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