Package: honeywell_2020_1yr_ver_rs232_5520_dmm_lfctr.mcz
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Honeywell 2020: (1 year) CAL VER RS-232 /5520,DMM,LFCTR

Date: 2011-02-16 07:51:41

Revision: 2

Automated Reference: Digital Multimeter

Automated Reference: Fluke 5520A

Automated Reference: Low Frequency Counter

Automated Reference: Low-Frequency Counter

Model(s) Covered:


This procedure contains tests whose Test Uncertainty Ratios are less

than 4:1, based on 5520A (90 day) specifications.


780 °C; TUR 3.4783


-200 °C; TUR 1.8182

0 °C; TUR 3.1250

800 °C; TUR 1.9231

1370 °C; TUR 1.2500


-180 °C; TUR 2.7273

0 °C; TUR 3.1250

800 °C; TUR 2.6923

1300 °C; TUR 2.2500


20 mA; TUR 2.8889

30 mA; TUR 2.3077

-30 mA; TUR 2.3077

100 mA; TUR 2.1200

-100 mA; TUR 2.1200


Fluke 74X Series Calibration Manual, Part No. 602505, dated February

1997, Rev. 2 4/99.

Fluke 74X Series Calibration Manual Supplement, Part No. 602505

1997, Rev. 2 4/99.


MET/CAL 7.20 SP1 (7.20x) or later

Additional Equipment Required:

Rosemount 644H and programming cable (required for 744 only)

Dual Banana to Dual Banana cable (2)

Single Banana to Single Banana cable (2)

Quality Dual Banana Short

Type K SMP plug to SMP plug thermocouple cable (1)

Fluke cable assembly, PN 949466

DB9 (m) to DB9 (f) straight through cable (exclude 741, 741B)

DB9 (f) connector (exclude 741, 741B)

Flexible Standard(s) Required:

Digital Multimeter (DMM)

DC Voltage Range: 14 V

Accuracy: ±0.01% or better

DC Current Range: 22 mA

Accuracy: ±0.01% or better

Example: Fluke 8508A, 1281, HP 3458A or equivalent

LF Counter (LFCTR):

Accuracy: 1 Hz to 50 kHz, 25 ppm or better

1 Hz to 50 kHz, duty cycle accuracy 1%

Example: Fluke 6681 or equivalent

The average run time during testing was: 53 min. (with 8508A, 6681)