FLUKE MET/CAL® Procedure CD User's Guide


About This Procedure CD

This procedure CD contains all of the released "Warranted" procedures from Fluke. It is rebuilt periodically from engineering source files, thereby assuring that all of the latest procedures and changes are available. Every procedure is fully indexed to assist finding a desired procedure package. These indexes are provide in a convenient menu available from the Home page. There is also a special procedure installer provided which will install any selected procedure directly into the current MET/CAL procedure directory.

This distribution CD is available on the MET/SUPPORT web site under Library -> MET/CAL Procedures. It is provided for download as an image file (.iso) of the disk.

After download you can use many current CD burning programs to re-create a usable CD. You cannot simply copy the .iso file to a CD. You must use a CD burning program that is capable of using an .iso image as a source file. Current versions of many CD burning programs can easily handle burning a CD from an image file. If you want to know more about the .iso format, look at the discussion on Wikipedia.

When a new procedure CD is created, it can be used on any prepared MET/CAL workstation to search for and load Warranted procedures. To prepare a MET/CAL workstation, see File Association and Install Java topics below.

If your system has "autorun" enabled, you will automatically see the home page when the CD loads. If your CD does not automatically start when inserted in your workstation computer, browse the CD root directory and execute index.html. This will display the CD's home page.

Install Java

The procedure installer is a Java based application that requires that the Java environment is available on your MET/CAL workstation computer. Click on the link www.java.com on the home page to download the current Java Runetime Environment, or browse the CD root directory and execute the following program: jre-6u20-windows-i586.exe if you do not have internet access on your MET/CAL workstation computer.

File Association

The procedure installer requires that your MET/CAL workstation computer can recognize the mcz file type, (file names ending with the extension .mcz). The MET/CAL 7.3 installer does this for you. If you are running an earlier version of MET/CAL, you must associate this program extension with the MET/CAL procedure installer by browsing the CD root directory and executing the following program: mcz-link.exe.

Search For A Procedure

All of the procedures provided on the CD are fully indexed. You will notice a menu in the upper right portion of the home page. These links will lead you to listings of all procedures by the various categories.

You can easily locate procedures from these listings by using your browser's search capability. Click on the procedure you need and you will be shown the procedure package that contains your selected procedure. On this page, you can see all of the procedures included in the package and more detailed information about each of those procedures.

Load A Procedure Into MET/CAL

The procedure installer will copy and install procedures into the current MET/CAL procedure directory. It may be desirable to install new procedures into a separate directory from procedures in a current "production". You can change the current directory from the procedure editor before installing any new procedures

When a desired procedure is found, start the procedure installer by clicking on the disk graphic at the top of the page.

This action will automatically install all of the procedures contained in the selected package to your MET/CAL system. You can open your MET/CAL Editor and view the procedure files or open the MET/CAL RunTime engine and start calibrating.